We offer expertise,
solutions and advisory services
within cryptography,
etravel document, pki
and crypto tools

advisory services

Based on our proven experience managing government critical IT infrastructures and the knowledge acquired representing Luxembourg in international security organisations we offer expertise advisory services mainly within cryptography, eTravel documents, PKI and Crypto tools.

Public Key
Infrastructures (PKIs)

  • Architecture design of PKIs (i.e.single-entity, mutualized, federated)
  • Implementation of PKIs, considering optional remote Registration Authority (RA) or remote Certification Revocation Lists (CRLs) publication platform
  • Review of designed or implemented PKIs against standard requirements and best practices
  • Assessment of PKI solutions against business, financial, technical, security or operational criteria


  • Drafting of Certificate Policies and Certification Practice Statements
  • Review of certificate profiles against standard requirements

Information security

  • Specifications design of critical IT infrastructures
  • Establishment of Information Security Management System based on ISO/IEC 27001
  • Editing ISO sector-specific standards and within acquirer/supplier relationships

Travel and secure

  • Specifications design of travel and secure documents
  • Contribution to best practices within production and verification activities of travel and secure documents
  • Review of implemented personalization environments

Cyber security

  • Establishment of cyber security approach, and related solutions (e.g. hypervisor, business intelligence platform) and implementation
  • Implementation of cyber security solutions

PKI (public key infrastructure)

Our core know-how is to manage PKI and we offer these skills to public and private entities.

What is a PKI?

A PKI is an IT management system composed of hardware tools (Servers, data bases, networks, HSMs) and software tools (applications) issuing digital certificates and verifying them.

What we propose?

We offer tailor made solution of PKI management. We provide services like PKI software licenses, technical administration, full support activities and backup.

What is our approach?

INCERT is vendor-neutral and considers that an IT infrastructure must always be designed to address business needs, and not with the aim that the business has to adapt itself to the technology.

Trust backend infrastructures

Management of back-end infrastructures supporting cryptography-based solutions. INCERT can act as trusted third party by hosting critical infrastructure.

Our partners/clients

Acting as a Trusted Third Party for Regify by managing a trusted back-end infrastructure securely storing encryption / decryption keys used by Regify clients to exchange sensitive information (i.e. invoices, payroll, messages) through “Regimail” products.


“Identity verification and authentication has become an essential step for your client’s physical and e-registration”

Because INCERT matters about way to implement security to your business operations, we have developed VISOGO, an ID reader mobile application verifying the authenticity of eID documents in a smart and easy way using a simple ID scan. By scanning any kind of eTravel documents, ePassports, eIDs or eResidence Permits, with VisoGo you can reliably ensure that it has not been falsified.

What make us different?

VISOGO read the information contained in the contactless chip of eTravel documents providing the possibility to verify the authenticity of the identity document.

Seamless integration:

VISOGO API allows you to incorporate all the features of our application directly to your own software.

Industry Applications:


Financial services

Government/Public sector


Hospitality & leisure


Transportation & travel

Sharing economy

“Verify etravel document
wherever you are”

Coverage of
4 billion people

Using INCERT expertise, VISOGO can cover the authenticity and conformity of 4 billion of eTravel and eID documents around the world. Our library is continuously updated to support more than 80 countries. To ensure an efficient and professional services VISOGO screen the evolution of identity documents worldwide but also incorporate older formats.


A made in

One of the pioneers in the export of Luxembourg based ICT solutions internationally with successful projects implementation in 14 European countries. This solution is mainly used to secure and facilitate the organization of international events - G7 / G20 / Rotating Presidencies of the Council of the EU, …