of governmental

Management of luxembourgish
etravel documents, national pki
(public key infrastructure)

We are issuing and controlling the digital signature of personal data contained in the contactless chip of Luxembourgish eTravel documents.

Our areas our expertise


The Country Signing Certification Authority (CSCA) is a Certification Authority that allows the personal data contained in the contactless chip of each travel document to be electronically signed, so the country having issued this document can ensure and demonstrate the authenticity of these data.


Country Verifier Certification Authority (CVCA) and Document Verifier Certification Authority (DVCA) are Certification Authorities playing a key role in the protection and the access management of the sensitive data (e.g. fingerprints, social security number) of each issued travel document.

Management of the NPKD
(National Public Key Directory)

NPKD is a repertory collecting the national and international CSCA certificates and associated data from bilateral countries exchanges and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) sources. They make these data accessible to the border control to support the verification of the authenticity of issued ePassports.

Management of SPOC
(Single point of contact)

An IT infrastructure managing the accesses from foreign countries to the sensitive data of Luxembourgish travel documents, as well as the accesses requested by the local border control to the sensitive data of foreign travel documents.

“We are issuing and controlling the digital signature of personal data contained in the contactless chip of luxembourgish etravel documents.”

representing luxembourg
within security international

Our participation to international security meetings reinforce our knowledge and give us the opportunity to foresee future technical or Organisational changes to be implemented. Our objective is also to submit contributions and voice objections to defend national interests. We are currently working on the upcoming specifications for ePassports and VISAs as well as on new cryptographic algorithms.

We are representing Luxembourg within technical working groups from international Organisations such as:

International Civil Aviation Organisation

INCERT team is attending implementation and capacity building working group (ICBWG) and new technologies working group (NTWG) international meetings connected to ICAO standardizing machine-readable passports worldwide. ICAO publishes "Document 9303" the technical standard for machine-readable passports. This enables border controllers to process such passports in a quickly manner and help reducing queue for passengers. A more recent standard is for biometric passports. The passport's critical information is stored in a contactless chip that is able to hold digital signature data to ensure the integrity of the passport and the biometric data.


INCERT Participates to meetings regarding Article 6 and SPOC within the European commission.


ISO is the International Organisation for Standardization. They develop and publish international standards. The standards provide specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

INCERT team is part of the Luxembourgish delegation of experts attending subcommittee ISO SC27 (IT security techniques) and subcommittee ISO SC17 (Cards and security devices for personal identification). We are also editors of several standards.

Our partners/clients

International Organisation for Migration

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is an intergovernmental organisation that provides services and advice concerning migration to governments and migrants, including internally displaced persons, refugees, and migrant worker

Agence De l’Informatique de l’État

INCERT has provided consultancy, training and have drafted processes for the ADIE of Senegal in order to help them to set up a public PKI.

Ministère de l'Economie et du Commerce
Extérieur-Office Propriété Intellectuelle

Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes